The Spyrals


The Spyrals // San Francisco, CA


Booking – Bonnie Khandpur


The Spyrals are a rock and roll band from San Francisco. They can’t escape where they are from. Maybe it’s the fog, the cold ocean layer that rolls in most nights that causes a certain form of madness. It’s at times both comforting and mysterious. The band has harnessed this psychosis into a sound. Immediate, dangerous, rebellious. Searching for answers in a new world filled with inflated ego and self-importance. They ask questions which may never be answered.

Stripping back the layers on their newest record, it’s less cavernous and more bold than their debut released last year. Out of Sight is the name. Out of their minds is the theme. Where are the answers? Who’s in charge? Where are we headed? The album strives for a solution. There are no apparent answers. Only the ones just out of reach.

They’ve recorded this collection of songs themselves, from microphone to tape. Old-fashioned documentation of a period in time. Simplicity is the key to their efficiency. They don’t waste time with computer programs. They don’t have to. They have found the instruments they need: guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, organ, shakers, tambourines, voice.

Jeff Lewis leads the group as singer and guitar player. Elliott Kiger leads the beat. Brandon Wurtz forms the fuzzed bass lines on record. Dylan Edrich, a multi-instrumentalist and contributor to Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin, and Ty Segall, has recently taken over the bass position.

The band has been described as one of the premier groups in a blossoming San Francisco scene. Never too far from the roots of the music that inspires them, they approach the influences of the past with a new perspective. There are parts Creedence choogle and Stones swagger with droning, swirling, blues inflected, furiously fuzzed out, hazy, hypnotic melodies.

The live shows have always garnered an immediate buzz. Sometimes engulfed by fog and red light the band reacts to each other and the audience, most times pleasing, sometimes disturbing, but never lifeless.
“The psych-rock trio transcends time with the band’s psychedelic sound that transports you to another decade.” — Angela Ross, Radio K