Raw McCartney


Raw McCartney // Indianapolis, IN 

Tripp Tapes // Glory Hole Records // Gary Records // Goodbye Boozy

Booking AgentBonnie Khandpur


The new revolting face of rock & roll has reared it’s ugly head in Indianapolis in this unapologetic wit of RAW MCCARTNEY. Out of the murky depths of this dilapidated little town’s post movements comes a group who has finally mustered what some individuals here are calling songs.  Yes, these 1-5 Polite dudes are laden with gold and oozing with last night’s fluids. Ruckus and raging punk rock ballads, acid washed through tree and stone, these maniacs only wish to leave you haunted by the air cooly and neatly pressed out of their amplifiers. Sure to catch the eye of every girl with a slinky look and a tie in her hair, this group is for all you young roughs living on water only to feed on lightning. RAW MCCARTNEY’S disorienting grooves and rhythmic incantations. Will leave your sorry and poor dilated eyes OUT OF FOCUS.



“The minds behind Raw McCartney, unlike those of other verbal name plays, have taken psychedelic rock back, further than the first prehistoric rumble of dinosaur-chasing-Biblical man. This is meat from the bone, working its way through your innards at a disruptive pace.” – Tiny Mix Tapes
“Sloppy and scuzz splattered with purpose, the songs found here will scratch that psychedelic scuzz punk peppered w/ electronics itch that you might have been experiencing.” – Boston Hassle
“Momma Mia Pizzeria calling all cars this here cassette is a solid 9.8 outta 10! Literally atomic hot and snapped rotten tube amps totaled from abuse play laid back cadillac rockabilly surf riffs while mr. Raw McCartney himself serenades you with songs to rival the Cars” – Cassette Gods