Neighborhood Brats



Neighborhood Brats // Los Angeles, CA 

Deranged Records // Dirtnap Records

Booking AgentBonnie Khandpur

Assisting AgentPeter Lowe

” I just want to play punk rock, drink coffee, get a tan, do push ups and get rad … You can fucking quote me on that”

Punk isn’t dead – it just sucks most of the time. Thankfully, Neighborhood Brats are fixing that. Rather than taking its cues from the overproduced EpiFat sounds, the foursome – singer Jenny Angelillo, guitarist George Rager, bassist Dan Grazziano and drummer Kirk Podell – plays the sort of hardcore reminiscent of the genre’s halcyon days. You know, when punk was punk.

The group formed in San Francisco in 2010 but relocated to the South Bay section of Los Angeles in 2013. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s where Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Descendents and Red Cross are from. This is important because those bands set the foundation for American hardcore with pissed off music that was still ok to party to. Neighborhood Brats understand this lethal combination, which is why Rager’s cacophonic playing and Angelillo’s intense vocals make listeners want to shout along while drinking a beer or three with their best friends in the pit.

You hear elements of those iconic South Bay bands in Neighborhood Brats’ sound. You also hear early OC punk and Midwest hardcore with a splash of Dischord Records. That said, the result of this downstrummed amalgamation isn’t some throwback to better days and better lays. Nope – Neighborhood Brats are the real deal circa 2014. They know where they come from, but they also know where they’re going.



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