Martin Savage Gang


photo by Jon Chamberlain 

Martin Savage Gang // Stockholm, Sweden

( Blahhl! Records // Human Audio Recordings

Booking AgentBonnie Khandpur

Assisting AgentSteve Ferreira


Martin Savage from Stockholm, Sweden is easily that country’s and maybe even Europe’s most prolific punk and garagerock entrepreneur. Having started Savage Magazine and Records in 1995 at the tender age of 17. He started his career as a garage rocker at about the same time as the lead singer and guitar player for the now infamous the Blacks who toured the U.S.A. twice, once with New Orleans Persuaders and once with Japan’s Guitar Wolf. The Blacks disbanded in 1999 but Mr. Savage moved on to a slew of different bands and projects with releases both in Europe and the USA.

In early 2012 he was for the first time without a band and got an offer to do an Italian tour. He called his friends Simon (drummer of the Mind Traps) and Henrik (bassplayer of Kilroy) to see if they would be up for it which they were. MARTIN SAVAGE GANG was born! At first they played songs from Mr Savage’s career but pretty soon new hits were written and a recording session in Memphis while playing Gonerfest 10 resulted in one 7” on Sweden’s Human Audio and one on Jackson, Ms Blahll Records. In 2014 they’re getting ready to do their first fullength. Just pure rock’n’roll with great hooks!!





Live at Gonerfest