Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 8.21.51 PMPhoto by Bully Rook


MANATEEES // Memphis, TN 

(Pelican Pow Wow // Goner Records // Total Punk Records// Tic Tac Totally)

Booking Agent- Bonnie Khandpur

Assisting AgentsJacob Gardner and Steve Ferreira


“Abe White (Oscars, True Sons of Thunder) charges out from behind the drum set to front MANATEEES, raw and nasty music full of the raw nastiness of the world. Backed by Charms and Keith on drums and bass, respectively, Mr. White delivers the unfortunate news that the apocalypse occurred quite a while ago and the world ain’t getting any better.” -Goner Records


“The shit here is like a pill for the pop-culture-cancer patients out there, people sucking in the usual total crap that means absolutely nothing, and in no way relates to real human beings and their real lives. Call the cremator cuz this shit is hot enough to burn through the human skull boy!” – Tic Tac Totally


“Completely stupid in the best possible ways, this is brilliant.I was hooked at the first “Meow” of “Cat Food.” I don’t need or want anything else.” -Maximum RockNRoll (CK)


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