Top 10 Albums of 2014:


The Pesos – “S/T”
White Fence – “For the Recently Found Innocent”
The Growlers – “Chinese Fountain”
Curtis Harding – “S/T”
Allah Las – Worship the Sun”
Jack Name – “Light Show”
Ariel Pink – “Pom Pom”
Tomorrows Tulips – “When”
Old Testament – “S/T”
The Abigails – “Tundra”

Fuck it, I put my own album…if twang is your thang, grab a copy from Burger Records!!









2014!! What a shitty year in the beginning! But it has seemed to get a little better everyday..So here is a list of the things im thankful for and dug in 2014- Sorta in the order it happened….

1.FEST EDDIE! We through a birthday party for Fast Eddie Altesleben, one of my close friends and band mates who shockingly past away in Oct. 2013! He was a super talented musician and a very loving person.
 We booked all his friends bands, there where about 20 local bands on the bill. A free fest with free food and plenty of beer! Free! That’s how Eddie lived and now he truly is.
2.FINLAND and SWEDEN! HUMAN EYE got to play with DEATH,GUITAR WOLF and the 5,6,7,8′s in my home country of Finland for over 1000 people!! Then playing a sold out show a couple days later with a sprained shoulder from back somersaulting down a hill in a park the night before. Also playing in Stockholm Sweden in the belly of a boat.
3.PANIC IN HAMTRAMCK 11! Seeing BOBBY CONN at such an intimate venue like the Painted Lady was really amazing.
4.GONER FEST 11! Being in the art show meeting and sharing a room at a guest house for a night with the legendary Tim Kerr!! All the bands that I saw killed! Ones that stand out in my mind the GIZMOS,WEATHER WARLOCK Were my faves of the fest! Also NOTS,OBNOX,WRECKLESS ERIC,DIE ROTZZ, Introducing the bands for a night was like a chance on stand up comedy! New career? Dought it..
5.HOZAC records releasing Timmy’s Organism “Singles collection unreleased tracks” double LP!
6.AMERICAN TAPES- Releasing my “Genetic Armageddon” Solo LP.
7.RECORDING 7 new Timmy’s Organism songs at AM 1610 With Steve Cherry who did a really good job! Album in the works for 2015!
8.TIMMY’S ORGANISM west coast tour 17 shows in 18 days! Mountian driving non stop it seemed! Meeting alot of cool people and eating nothing but mexican food and yelling window from the back of the cramped mini van! FART!!! RIP!!!
Playing with the SPITS in front of 500 screamin’ wild L.A. punks!! Stage diving and landing on my back because no one caught me in San Diago! Meeting sexy D.j.Dizzy aka (Kate) in Tempe AZ. Ryan Rousseau telling us about his Scorpion and Black Widow wars.
9.Going out everynight lately is fun but it can take its toll!!
10.Human Eye getting the top 20 videos of 2014!! Thanks Nick Lolyd!!!
Thanks Everyone! See you next year!
Doses- self titled
Iceage- plowing into the field of love
Lust for youth- international
Glue- demos
High function flesh- a unity of miseries a misery of unities
In no particular order
So this year has been wild
1. Zoe Clementine was born.
2. The Love That You Own on Burger came out.
3. Chicken Woman 45 came out on Urinal Cake records
4. Space Case record family moved to town and is putting out my next 45. Been skateboarding twice with the ceo.
5. Small engine repair class at ACC.
6. Been hustling work of over a year now..as a handyman for Birds Barbershops and mowing yards and fixing stuff.
7. Trailerspace records still keeping its kindness.

8. Church Shoes, A Giant Dog, Spray Paint, Street Arabs from dallas nice dudes!

9. Street Legal Guitar Shop opens. Rad people
10. Que Pasa band is cool, Dykes Of Holland crew, Pelvis, my rap band that i play in records. we are called “MEXMODE”. Panaramas..rad band. Crack Pipes still rad, so many bands..Lochness Mobsters..James Arthur Manhunt. Baby Robots, GOSPEL TRUTH. 12XU rad label…good times hotdog paradisio. chicken tenders
La Lenguas - Press Photo

#5 – C3-PO (hybrid, covered in honey oil)

We blazed a bowl in the Costco parking lot before going grocery shopping and got uncomfortably stoned; the oil made it cherry FOREVER, to the point where we were forcing down hits just so it wouldn’t go to waste. Predictably we burned like twenty minutes at the snack shack outside the Costco entrance debating between the hot dog and brisket — I regret both.
#4 – ChemDawg (hybrid)
All-purpose wake-and-bake, chain-smoke-while-you-write/play-music-because-you’re-addicted-to-pot-and-blaze-all-day weed.
#3 – Tangerine Dream (sativa)
A rush of blood to the head that actually tastes like sweet, citrusy tangerines. The “bud-tender” with a bling-bling Star of David necklace said that a buddy in his apartment complex grew it… and I could really picture the whole “second-floor Valley Village 1BR where dreams go to die” situation. It’s nice to know where your pot is coming from, ya know?
#2 – Greenwolf (indica)
We went camping in the Angeles Forest and took an eighth with us up into the mountains. After an entire day of hiking and ripping bowls, we made it a rule that you had to howl at the moon as you exhaled. We built a fire and drank mushroom tea, and just as we started tripping, the Miller Lite party-boys at the campsite next to us started chanting “1-2-3… Go Dodgers!” over and over again. Luckily, the Greenwolf had a way of drowning out the noise.
#1 – Jew Gold (sativa)
Purchased by my roommate, deep in the San Fernando Valley. The name was provocative, to say the least… but when the curly haired bud-tender slipped it into the bag, he cracked a sly grin and made the biggest understatement of the summer — “I’m hooking you up, bro.” The high was incredible; a bowl of Jew Gold created a little scene around the kitchen table. Smoking became a social affair, like the bowls we used to sneak back in high school parked out by Lake Pontchartrain. Jew Gold made us better friends. Jew Gold made us feel like kids again.
NB: We came really close to naming the band Jew Gold, but then we went to a house show in Echo Park and there was a band playing called Jew Cocks.
Honorable Mention – Cheeba Chews
Technically not a weed strain, but these little Tootsie Roll-esque weed bombs knock you flat on your ass in the best way possible. The perfect treat to split with a 420-friendly date/mate at the movies. I credit them with saving several family vacations (Big Sur road trip; Thanksgiving) and making interacting with other humans possible during times of dire struggle. I can’t get on a plane without eating at least half of one. One time, I ate two whole ones in a day and basically got vertigo.
2. THE UNION – Athens, OH hosts the annual Blackout Fest and recently burnt down — there’s plans to rebuild it.
3. ANIMAL KINGDOM – Chicago’s DIY basement venue was closed due to neighbor complaints after an epic concert with Guantanamo Baywatch and The Lemons, who performed on the roof.
4. DEATH BY AUDIO – Brooklyn, NY – offered a punk haven in the middle of Williamsburg and booked national acts like Thee Oh Sees for all ages crowds — it’s gone but not forgotten,
5. EAST END – a great venue in Portland, OR with burgers, pinball, and bands was destroyed in a blaze that required 100 firefighters. White Mystery played there with Shannon & The Clams, The Men, and Coathangers.
TOP 12 HIGHS OF GIZMOS WORLD TOUR (& OTHERWISE), in no particular order….
1. Gettin’ stoned while listening to CHICAGO’S GREATEST HITS (“25 or 6 to 4″!) with a crazy bartender in Dayton. He kept feeding me whiskey and then we walked across to his pad where we smoked out for the entire CD of a band I I didn’t know I liked–haha!
2. Smokin’ weed with Bim Thomas (Obnox) ON STAGE during the encore of “Final Solution” for the Gizmos show in Cleveland.
3. Trippin’ on LSD with Crawlspace at Chris Guttmacher’s Blue Bag Records in Echo Park (L.A.).
4. Trippin’ on LSD at the ocean in Long Beach with my friend Cathy.
5. Gonerfest, Memphis.
6. DXM (cough syrup) on stage with the Gizmos in Boston. I was doing fine until I started trippin’ on the colored lights shining on us, seeing moire patterns forming before my eyes, and totally spaced on the opening verse of “Hey Beat Mon!” Recovered with glee!
7. Smokin’ hangin’ talkin’ in the Deezen van.
8. Seven shots of tequila during the Gizmos’ hour-long WFMU radio set. It made for a great loose performance, but I also forgot to NOT cuss on the radio, so they had to edit out a bunch of stuff. Sorry, Brian Turner! Heh.
9. Magnetic South, Bloomington.
10. Smokin’ pot in the bathroom backstage at the Middle East Downstairs in Boston with a couple of the Underachievers and Cal Cali. There was some Voodoo Dolls smoke around there too.
11. The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain.
12. Whip-Its.
TOP 5 SHOWS OF 2014 (that I can remember): 
#5: April 17th @ Black Water Records : Bi Marks + Long Knife +  Autistic Youth
This was Joe Schuerger’s (Long Knife) birthday party at the old Black Water space. The show was killer but the best part about it was Bi- Marks played a second set of all covers picked out by Joe: Deuce – KISS , Long Way To Go – Alice Cooper, No You Don’t – Sweet, Poison Heart – Ramones, and Living After Midnight – Judas Priest. So fucking good!
#4: December 17th 2013? (I know it shouldn’t count but I’m doing it anyway) @ The Know
Black Rainbow +Defect Defect + Dark/Light + Red Shadows
A few days prior to this, Dark/Light had played publicly for the first time, on KBOO. I had the privilege of seeing that too but this was their first show. Justin and Candy had played with Tarika before in the Triggers, and with Mary before in Sleepwalkers R.I.P. so this band’s first show felt like they had been doing this for a long time, because they have. Awesome show all around. Defect Defect and Red Shadows were also great.
#3:  September 20th @ Star Bar : Mean Jeans + Long Knife + Andy Place & the Cool Heads
This was the 4 year anniversary party for Star Bar. Super fun night! It was the first show for Andy Place & the Cool Heads which was definitely a highlight. Mean Jeans and Long Knife, as always, killed it. Can’t say enough about how much I love all the folks that made this one happen! The best people in the world!

#2: October 31 @ Burnside Skate Park : Poison Idea

Halloween I had to work, so subsequently I missed the PI show at the new Blackwater space with Forward, Warcry, and Long Knife. To my surprise PI was also playing an early set at the Burnside skate park, for that place’s anniversary. It was complete chaos and  debauchery down there. People were hammered and there was a lot of crazy shit going on. All sorts of flying projectiles were being launched. Beer cans, bottle rockets, Roman candles, even mortars. It was like a post apocalyptic war zone. It was intense and Poison Idea rose to the occasion. They killed there set and got fuck out of there. It was insane!


#1: December 13th @ Black Water (new space) : VX Gas Attack

(I had to leave this show early and missed Pressing On and Terokal)

These guys blew my mind. I had never seen them before. Their singer August is an old friend and his bands are always incredible. Their set was a jaw dropper. They made me realize that I had fucked up big time by missing any shows they have played up until this point. I’ll never do that again. A mandatory must see from here on out. That shit was unbelievable! Also I think it must be said that the new Blackwater space is fucking bad ass. So stoked for those guys! They really are making something special happen in Portland with that spot.



1. Chico’s Tacos

2 of our band members are from El Paso. If you meet anyone from EP that doesn’t live there anymore, you will soon learn how fucking important this place is. All that anyone from El Paso ever talks about is Chico’s fucking tacos. I had doubt at first. Hearing about these magical saucy flautita shaped tacos, and how they would change my life, but sure enough they did. “have u had ur break today, guey?”

2. Temporary tattoos

Temp tattoos are great. possibly even cooler than real tattoos. You can go as bold as you want, look tougher than u could ever possibly imagine, and theres no commitment. What’s not to love?

3. Akon – Big Dog

this song is the shit. not a new jam, but new to us and stuck in my head every damn day since I’ve heard it.



if you live in the bay area, you prob know what I’m talking about, but if not ill give u a quick descrip. ITS IT™ is an ice cream sandwich consisting of ice cream between two chocolate dipped oatmeal cookies. They got mint and cappuccino and another standard flavor or two, but this summer they added STRAWBERRY and PUMPKIN. Needless to say, shit got real, and we all spent forever trying to hunt these tasty lil’ fuckers down. They’re everywhere now, but for a minute it was like pulling teeth trying to find the new flavors.

Best stuff 2014:
Martin Savage Gang live at Lo and Behold record store, Detroit dec 11
- Timmy Vulgar and Dan Kroha dancing together in front of the Gang just made my year. Thanks Richie!!
My new friends Shady & the Vamp
- Ain’t it grand to make some new friends. Been looking all my life for these guys.
My family
- My kids Louie and Otis and my girl Jenny for loving me and letting me spend my time and money on too much rock’n'roll this year.
Martin Savage Gang on tour in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and the US
- Back in the rock’n'roll business! Thanks to everyone who played with the Gang this year and also Blahll and Goodbye Boozy for putting out records.
Thomas Savage/Push My Buttons
- Always on the best of list. For supplying Stockholm with great shows and great records.
1 Rich & I Introducing van beers to the other THINGs
2 Van Beers (and Whisky) w/ Martin Savage Gang
3 Getting to watch Timmy’s Organism  destroy 4 cities in a row
4 Assembling a line up somewhat last minute that was well worth the wait
5 Smoke Machines.
10414576_841523455879984_2408456485531406035_n 10696367_10105745326466524_1560943444431262828_n
THING had their best time in 2014 with TIMMYS ORGANISM!!!!!!!!!!
5 Pickles I got Myself Into in 2014:
1. I somehow ended up with 3 drummers. Not intentionally.
2. I moved in with my bassist and exploded the toilet within the first week.
3. I twisted my knee completely 360 degrees in a puddle.
4. I’ve accidentally eaten mayonnaise roughly 23 times.
5. I ripped my tooth out on a microphone.

BEST OF 2014 I can’t speak for anyone but myself. Even then I can only honestly reference things I have experienced. That being said here’s my shit:


MAC BLACKOUT ART EXPLOSION (CHICAGO) -Mark McKenzie is a long time rock n roll mother fucker. Recently he’s really been making an effort to focus on visual art. May I just say that God Damnit he’s fucking killing shit. If there is such a thing as Rock N’ Roll artists he personifies everything that falls under. Whether he’s cranking out album art, painting up boomboxes (aka doomboxes), or making bad ass records, he’s doing it fucking right, and en mass.


THE SPOT (LAFAYETTE) – The Spot is for lack of a better term, THEE BEST FUCKING BAR/SHOWSPACE IN AMERICA. First time Raw McCartney played in Lafayette was with our wayward hoosier fam BURNT ONES. We played at the now defunct FOAM CITY (which was also one of my favorite places for shows) and hobbled over to The Spot. Instantly, Pits the bartender gets us beers, then proceeds to let us dj behind the bar on a turntable with a mixer into a laptop with youtube running… fucking smart mother gushfsja;l perfect. The rest of the night was free beers (which Pits made us get for ourselves from behind the bar), he ordered us three pizzas, offered his entire tip jar to Brian for his necklace, stayed open till 5 a.m. for us, and even ordered chinese food somehow at the end of it. Also, free pool and you can smoke in there. Give up everyone else.


WESTGATE (INDIANAPOLIS) – Westgate is a strange thing… its a warehouse… but its also this crazy place where you can do whatever the fuck you want. Its like being in a different country, but its right off the highway by a dojo, gas station, and a whole lotta nothing. On top of having shows and a super chill seemingly anything goes environment they also host LET’S DO LUNCH WITH OREO JONES. Check it out… youtube it or whatever. Its beautiful.

MAGNETIC SOUTH RECORD STORE (BLOOMINGTON) – So this is pretty recent. Don’t matter none. Magnetic South has opened the smallest record store in Indiana, and if you know the boys at Magnetic South you know two things. 1. They have exquisite, albeit picky, tastes in music and 2 Seth has a shit ton of killer records. Its not something you should pass up if you’re passing through Indiana. Very excited and proud of these dudes.


CROPPED OUT MUSIC FESTIVAL (LOUISVILLE) – This is my favorite festival ever. It does everything I think a festival, or show for that matter, should. The setting is unusual, its not a park, or a field, or a couple convienently placed venues. Its hard to explain. Its on the river, its in a sports complex of sorts, baseball diamond, football field, pool, basketball court, bowling, boats n shit, and there’s this weird shantee town surrounding it on either side. Very surreal place to be. This is where I think its clutch. The setting of a show can be the most powerful thing at the show. Taking people out of that designated show space can make the music evoke something that you’ll never feel at a bar or a club… or a park for that matter. There’s probably only one place in the world like this, that will let you put up a bunch of avant garde and abrasive rock n’ roll fuckers. For this reason, maybe solely, this is something you just have to see.


MUSICAL FAMILY TREE (INDIANAPOLIS) – MFT is like a surrogate father to midwest music. Although, they mostly focus on Indianapolis, something I’ve talked with Jon (head director of MFT) about alot. Mainly about how bringing focus to Indiana is going to come from bringing people outside of Indiana, to Indiana. Enough about that though. MFT even with my aforementioned grievances does something that your more than likely not going to find in any other city in the U.S.. They pay bands to play shows, the pay artists to make art, they pay writers to write, and they do it all for the love of music and spreading the gospel. They’re Mother Theresa and I dare anyone to name one thing they do in bad taste. Basically, if every city had one of these, the struggle wouldn’t seem so lonely, so unheard. I can’t put into words how much these people mean to me and how much they really do for all of us here in Indianapolis. They’re the best. The absolute best.


MIDWEST IS COMING TOGETHER, TOGETHER – By far my favorite thing thats happened this year, and though its been happening slowly and steadily, is our little nook in the midwest, coming together, together. What I mean is, with so much talent and so many cities its always been hard to put a finger on who’s who, where’s where, and what’s what. Now, though, its seems like we’re all meeting each other and bridging those gaps from Chicago to Cincinnati. This includes the best 5 city stretch in America for touring bands in my opinion. Whether you’re coming from the east or the west. You’ve got Chicago, Lafayette, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Cincinnati, Lexington, or Louisville to choose from. If you decide to hit all of them. Its and hour or two drive at best so its a great area to hit up. Regardless of that fact, I’ve met so many amazing musicians in artists in each of these cities that it just feels like, this year especially, the clouds have dispersed and everyone is in clear view. I’m proud of everyone. I’m proud of our neck of the woods. I’m proud to be here while its happening, and I’m damn sure proud to call these people my friends. Much love to all of you, you know who you are.

Also, fuck the police.




Useless Eaters – Bleeding Moon

Total Control – Typical System

Timmy’s Organism – Singles & Unreleased Tracks 2xLP

 Ausmuteants – Order of Operation
 Buck Biloxi & The Fucks – Culture Demanufacturer
1. GIZMOS WORLD TOUR 2014 never thought I would see this happen, but it did!
2. A steady diet of pizza and Hebrew National hot dogs!
3. Gonerfest 11 what a party it was!
4. All the bands and shows that make living in Indianapolis, Indiana tolerable!
5. The medicinal I consumed, while vacationing  in the San Francisco Bay area!
6. My ever growing hat collection!
7. Meeting tons of new friends virtually and actually in person!
8. Working a job I like for little money, not working a job I hate for a little more money!
9. Waking up everyday and realizing I’m still alive!
I wrote a list of albums I loved this year that were not put out by Ping Pong bands (Protomartyr, Big Business, etc etc) because I thought that might be biased if I put them on my list… because it would be my entire list… but then I put together this compilation of everyones’ lists and realized that this is the best part of 2014 — getting to work with all these insanely talented musicians and even get to call them buds .  HERE IS TO NEXT YEAR!