La Lenguas



La Lenguas // Los Angeles, CA 

( Burger Records)

Booking Agent- Bonnie Khandpur



La Lenguas are garage pop — an unholy marriage of 50s heartbreak and 70s punk, born in the New Orleans swamps and baked in the Los Angeles sun.

From their garage in Highland Park, New Orleans natives Christopher Stoudt, Jacques Mouledoux, and Zak Mouton are joined by their bayou-brother Dash Krehel to make music about the only thing they know — longing, heart-ache, and the fleetingness of modern love.

Their debut EP, Tears in My Milkshake, was released May 26, 2015 on Burger Records. Featuring the single “Love You All the Time,” the 3-track cassette is a dirty-doo-wop inflected swamp-pop love letter to the New Orleans soul and R&B they grew up on.




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