John Wesley Coleman

John Wesley Coleman // Austin, Texas
Goner Records / Tic Tac Totally Records / Burger Records 
Booking Agent- Bonnie Khandpur
Assisting AgentPeter Lowe

Self-proclaimed “trash poet” John Wesley Coleman III incorporates indie rock slack with witty storytelling in his music. Hailing from Irving, Texas and living much like a drifter in East Austin, Coleman started engaging himself in a variety of creative activities in the mid-2000s: performing with psychedelic five-piece Golden Boys, being standup comedy, painting, writing books and movie scripts, and recording solo material. Monofonus Press released Coleman’s combination poetry book/CD, American Trashcan, in 2008, and followed it up with a 7” titled Ghettoblaster, which included a cover of George Michael’s “Faith.” His next full-length, Steal My Mind, was issued in 2007, before Goner Records released Bad Lady Goes to Jail in 2010. Coleman returned in 2012 with The Last Donkey Show, recorded in Oakland, California at Greg Ashley’s Creamery studio, and at a friend’s childhood home in Lockhardt, Texas, offering more of his uniquely colorful tales and a hint of maturity. He has also a new album out on Tic Tac Totally called Trans Am Summer Blues. And a badd ass single spilt with Timmy Vulger! He has many singles out and records to come. Book this nice sweet charming man! –Obama


“John Wesley Coleman came to Milwaukee on a chilly Tuesday night, to the Mad Planet. With a band he dubbed “the Blazing Saddles”; he kicked off the show with “Bad Lady Goes to Jail” from the album (Goner Records) of the same name. It set the tone for the evening with its bluesy 60’s garage rock sound; a little loose but always aware of its origins. “Little Miss Keith Richards” started with a Violent Femmes intro, homage to the hometown crowd and turned into a great 70’s country rock song reminiscent of the Byrds. And there it was, John Wesley Coleman, a little country, a little R&B, a little psychedelic, a little Roky Erickson. This was a true melting pot of American rock and roll.