Jack Of Heart

Jack Of Heart // Perpignan, France
Born Bad Records
Booking AgentBonnie Khandpur
Assisting AgentPeter Lowe
PublicityMadison Farmer


A handful of 45 rpm on foreign labels, among them the prestigious American label ROB’S House (the original Black Lips label), and extended tours to the four corners of the earth, have already established Jack of Heart from Perpignan as one of the benchmark groups of the rock and roll ghetto. With this first album, Jack of Heart plans to widen its audience – the group already shows a maturity of composition that is quite novel on the French Rock and roll scene.

Of course, Jack of Heart lays claim to the psychedelism of Syd Barret’s Pink Floyd, the legacy of Velvet and the songwriting of Lee Hazlewood, but the group goes beyond these to produce a very individual Rock’n roll, annhilating the rules of garage folklore which is often too regressive and backward-looking. Although the group beats out hallucinatory psychedelic ballads in twisted and vicious garage-punk pieces they never sink into cliché.

Carried along the velvet highway of the charismatic Piero Ilov (Patrick Dewaere’s double – the same mug, the same silhouette, the same strange look), Jack of Heart is also good value for its explosive live, broken in on the back of Black Lips, Magnetix, King Kahn and the Shrines, and BBQ.


“The band…ahh, the band…was a psychedelic-garage-punk outfit from the South of France called Jack of Heart. They had a 60s influenced feel, full of fuzz, and a sexual, almost violent energy that had me thinking, ‘it’s like they put every Quentin Tarantino movie in a trippy, punk rock blender’. When singer/guitarist, Piero Ilov, dropped his pants and showed everyone the goods, I knew I was on the right track (evidence on tumblr). Unusual for a bar band, these guys actually got asked for an encore. They begrudgingly acquiesced, muttering a precursory ‘An encore eez sheet. You put it all out zee first time’. A rocking cover of 96 Tears, by ? and the Mysterians followed, unexpected, but weirdly fitting.”
Roxy Peroxide