Human Eye


Human Eye // Detroit, MI
Goner Records
Booking Agent- Bonnie Khandpur


Detroit’s Human Eye is a futuristic sound world with rock’n’roll roots that aims to assault all the senses. Fronted by Timmy Vulgar (formerly of the Clone Defects), who also released a solo record this past fall on Sacred Bones under the name Timmy Organism, the band’s sonic palate ranges from heavy psychidelia to proto-punk and beyond. Their live shows are primal, chaotic and unpredictable, utilizing home-made props and masks or whatever your local dollar store has to offer.


“The band’s penchant for weird stage props and costumes coupled with their loud, raw sound gives their live show all the excitement and electricity reminiscent of the days of our forefathers of punk rock. And although their music could definitely be considered punk, they certainly have a sound all their own.

They keep the rawness but spread out more to let the drums sprawl and circulate, while the guitar squeals, the keyboards buzz and pulsate and the bass keeps everything in place. Human Eye manages all of this while being potent enough to make your brain scream.”
–Johnny Garcia, The South End