Chives // Indianapolis, IN

Booking Agent- Bonnie Khandpur


“From one man stomp – to three piece roll – to four or five piece psych trample, the talented and young chives does it all. He’s been making quite a name for himself since he came onto the indy scene, as both a visual artist and as a fab rock n roll performer. This show finds the Chives band about a year into its evolution in the Indy scene – they’re tighter and louder than ever, and that shriek is still on fleek.”
- Miss Mess
“Out of high school and into your head – Chives’ meteoric rise to the gates of garage royalty is soaked in as much fuzz as you’d rightly expect from this curly maned slasher. Whether he’s oozing blood at a Halloween house show or acing Buddy Holly covers for Record Store Day, the indefatigable rapscallion emerges from the haze with his characteristic rockabilly wail matched with catchy and distinctive scuzzed out sounds that separate him from the ever-large Midwestern garage pack.”
-Charles Fox