Ping Pong Booking & PR is a boutique talent agency founded in 2012 in Memphis, TN. Now we work out of Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Indianapolis!


Bonnie Khandpur (Owner/ Booking Agent) has had over 10 years of experience booking, managing, and handling contracts; she also received her MBA with a concentration in Digital Media Management in 2011. During Grad school she still managed bands, and stuff, but booking has always been her favorite. She’s aims to create logical and comprehensive tour routing that fits with each band’s individual aesthetic and goals.


Peter Lowe (Booking Agent)  has been promoting local shows, putting out records, booking tours, and hopping in vans for a decade now. In the most recent years he has traveled the country several times over managing events, eating tacos, and touring. Currently in Seattle, WA.


Steve Ferreira (Booking Agent)  has been booking tours and local shows in Vancouver for the last seven years – with a particular focus on bringing in out-of-town acts. Playing in almost 20 bands over the last decade (currently in Dead Ghosts), he’s toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. When not touring he’s been writing for local print zines, building his record, tape and 8-track collections and playing with puppies.